Concept operates on a three pronged strategy that is based firmly on solid, effective communication. The areas if this strategy are; Consult, Source, Support.


Concept prides itself on knowing the clients needs, often before they do. Through communication with management and the shop floor Concept is able to assess the skills and requirements needed to make you successful.  We listen, ask questions and develop a framework for the kind of employee you are after based around such pre-requisites as skills, duration of assignment and screening requirements.  It is during this time that Concept will conduct a site assessment of the areas in which the employees will be operating.  This is to ensure that we are not placing any employees in an environment or situation that is detrimental to their health and safety.


Source Once the role has been determined, Concept implements a proven sourcing strategy that identifies candidates based on the criteria that has been advised.  This includes searches through our database, targeted online and print advertising (if required) to identify a short list of candidates who are then required for a one on one interview including reference checks.  From this point any specific screening or testing identified by the client as being necessary are completed, including on site assessments, police checks or pre-employment medical.

Once a final candidate is confirmed, Concept representatives will meet the new employee/s on site to introduce them to their supervisor and ensure that all PPE is being worn/provided and that an onsite induction is completed.


The final stage of the process never really ends and doesn’t really hold any boundaries in what it encompasses. It is the continual support that Concept provides to the client in a day to day capacity. This ranges from site inspections to performance management (including employee counselling) to the arranging of training, provision of PPE and other clothing to regular KPI reporting (if required.) This is all done in line with the quality management requirements under the Concept BMS.