Whether you are investigating Concept as a new or established Concept employee, we pride ourselves on the service being the same.  Without the employees, Concept couldn’t have grown to be the respected and reputable company that it is.

You, the employee play a huge part in the ongoing success of Concept; you are our representatives with the client on a day to day basis.  But, with this responsibility comes expectation. 

Concept expect that all employees of Concept conduct themselves in a way that enhances the reputation and standing of not just yourself, but also Concept and the labour hire industry.  To do this, Concept expects that you adhere to all required policies, procedures and directions of both Concept and the host employer. 

A value is not a value, until it’s part of your lifestyle, with this in mind, Concept expect that all Concept employees on site demonstrate the Concept Be-Attitudes;

Our Values

Respectful – of every person we deal with each day

Aware – of expectations and requirements of our role with Concept

Determined – to always produce and deliver superior service

Truthful – at all times

Accountable – for our decisions, words, and our actions

Positive – towards every situation


Recruitment Process

Concept prides itself on its knowledge of its employees and as such operates on an ‘end to end’ basis.  The person that receives the request for the order from the client is normally the person who interviews the candidates and manages the employees on site.  This isn’t a faceless organization, when working for Concept you have direct access to representatives who are willing and able to assist with any query or issue you may have.  During the interview process, Concept tries to get to know ‘you’ the employee and not just the skills that are written on your resume, it is this extra effort that allows Concept to place employees not just in roles that suit them but in environments that are advantageous for the progression of their career.


Downloadable Documents

To assist with ensuring communication lines are open and all information is available as efficiently as possible, we have included downloadable copies of the following documents below;

If you have run out of sheets in your book and require a new timesheet urgently, please download here.

Click the below links to download the PDF resources: