How can I contact Concept?

How can I query an invoice?

Contact the administration personnel in your nearest office. Contact us

I need staff, what is the process?

1. Contact Concept for an initial information session Contact us
2. Utilise the Client query widget on the website Client Request


How do I change/update any of my details?

Contact office via phone and convey new details

Email the office with the change of details

When do I get paid?

Concept remunerates weekly with funds being released from our banking institution on the Tuesday of each week (except when Monday or Tuesday fall on a public holiday). Funds are normally available from midnight following this/the following day.

How do I make a payroll query?

Contact your Concept representative

Contact the nearest Concept office to speak to payroll

What happens when the payroll would normally run on a public holiday?

Pays will be delayed by the number of public holidays that are involved. I.e. if a public holiday falls on a Monday, then pays may be delayed to appear in your account a day later.

When will group certificates be sent out?

Prior to the 14th of July each year by

Being emailed to same address as your payslips go to, this will be password protected

Posted, by request, to postal address as advised by registration or change of details

Recruitment and Operations

How do I register?

Provide resume via email to your nearest office (see below)

Contact the closest Concept Office

I need a new timesheet book, how do I get one?

Contact your Concept representative and request one. One will be delivered to the site on the next visit or promptly posted out.

Alternatively, download one from the website. You can find them here

What should I wear to my interview?

It’s more relevant to ask what not to wear. You need to dress appropriately, it is suggested to not turn up in shorts, singlet or thongs. Basically, think of the minimum dress standards to play at a golf club and apply that.

What should I bring to an interview?

Resume, trade papers or tertiary qualifications, licenses and certificates, references, birth certificate or passport and if you are from overseas, your Visa/Immigration information (if applicable).


Where do I get PPE and clothing?

You are expected to own/provide the following items: Steel Capped Safety Boots, Work pants, Work shirt (ask your Concept representative whether these should be long or short sleeves)

Client provision- Some clients will provide clothing, especially if there is potentially some dealings with the public. This is to enhance their brand. Specialized PPE may also be provided depending on the tasks being performed.

Concept Provision- Concept, in conjunction with the host client, have a duty of care to ensure that PPE is provided where necessary.  Although PPE is the last level in the Hierarchy of Risk Control, it is still a vital component in ensuring daily safety of all of our employees. In consultation, Concept will provide required PPE not already available.

What are Tool Box Talks?

A toolbox talk (or discussion) is a short talk, normally based around safety or a change in the workplace, delivered at the workplace (not a training room) and on a specific subject matter. It is normally short (5 – 10 minutes) and to the point with a specific message. The objective is to raise awareness of a particular aspect of the work but to do it on a regular basis so that the good safety message is reinforced. Attendance should be recorded

Who do I contact if I have a safety issue or query?

Your Concept representative

Your on- site supervisor, either Concept or the host client

If you believe that your safety issue or query has not been satisfactorily dealt with please contact the Concept State Manager responsible for your location/client site

If you believe that your concern/question still has not been sufficiently answered/dealt with then you can contact the Safety Body in your state, see below (and click) for details;