Communication & Absenteeism

Communication & Absenteeism

One of the MOST important rules/aspects of employer/employee relationships is COMMUNICATION!
While working for and with CONCEPT ENGINEERING it is imperative that we communicate and one of the many important reasons why we should is: Absenteeism.

As in previous articles you would have come across RICHARDS RULES,  well this should be filed away with those lessons!

Absenteeism is the situation where you are not at work, and may take the form of

  • late arrival for work or an early finish
  • taking extended lunch breaks
  • temporary absences from work for personal or other reasons, or
  • failure to come to work at all

Where it is practicable for you to do so, you must notify us of your absence well in advance of your START TIME  this allows Concept to notify the host client so that we can make alternative arrangements if necessary.

If you are absent due to sickness, we may require a medical certificate, whether you claim it or not.
If we consider that your absenteeism is becoming frequent, or following a pattern, we will discuss the situation with you to determine the cause of the problem and a counselling session may occur.

If there is valid reason for your absences, we will offer assistance as part of our standard policy.
If after all this, your absences continue other courses of action will be considered!

Communication is the key, speak to us, let us know what is going on.  That way we can communicate with the host employer, if they are left hanging, short of an employee at a crucial time with no explanation, it  may result in you not being required back.

Regards Concept Engineering