What is Perfection and how do you achieve it?

We have all heard the saying “Practice does not make Perfect, Perfect practice makes Perfect. “  Once you have chosen or established a plan or task based on your values, your goal each and every week will (or should) be in minimizing on practice errors.

Most of us have a fascination in/with things that do not work, or is that just me? So when we see these things, we really should spend some time in concentrating on eliminating practice errors.  By doing this you have the potential to eliminate a good amount of the second guessing that goes on come performance time.

By affirming and redirecting we can out strip the competition; every mistake should be noticed and corrected “on the spot.”  There is no such thing as a small error or flaw that neither can nor should be overlooked.  People (Managers, Parents) often are not able to recognize mistakes as they do not take the time to observe their people (children & friends).  We give instruction and then leave it to be done!
A good coach, manager or parent is to watch the performance and appropriately affirm or redirect when mistakes are made.

You can’t leave performance to chance, as a coach if you let errors go unnoticed you will ensure that more will occur.

Concept Engineering excels at people management, it’s a value added service that is not regularly mentioned and rarely noticed, but we look at it like this.  If the client doesn’t actually have to ask/request for ‘people management’ activities to be completed, then we are succeeding in what we are doing.