Richard Rules in the Community

Richards Takes his Rules to the Next Generation

Concept Engineering were recently invited to attend Prairewood High School to assist with an organised mock interview day for all year 11 students in preparation for them moving in to the next phase of their life.

As part of our community commitment Concept Engineering were pleased to assist and seen this as an ideal opportunity for “Richard’s Rules” to be expanded to the next generation and assist all future potential leaders with the tools that are required to assist in today’s hotly contested marketplace.
The day was deemed a remarkable success and many students walked away with more confidence and the necessary skills to further assist them in the quest for success.  The day was structured really well, with the students were presented with applications for various roles and were expected to complete the application and then an interview with one of the HR or recruitment specialists.  The guests were separated into their different industries so that the students could target something that they were aspiring to.  Following the interview the guests were required to complete feedback sheets with that included rankings and general comments covering areas such as communication, presentation and responses etc.  It served as a way industry based companies with first hand experience to share their knowledge and provide some valuable training.

Speaking after the event, Richard said “It was a great opportunity to lend support to young kids who are preparing to leave school and potentially enter the job market for the first time.  I feel it really was an ideal way to prepare them for one of those first steps in work life.  

And did Richard get some feedback on his style and performance? “Well, yes I did, a lot said I went ‘quite hard’ on their marking but at the same time were grateful for that and also the helpful tips that were provided.”

Concept Engineering would like to thank Prairewood High for the invitation to assist in this vital development phase and welcomes other opportunities in the community to assist where it can.