Tax Time

Tax Time- Work Related Expenses

It’s that time of the year again where we start making those plans about what we want to spend the magical tax return on.  Then we get too many ideas, then we realise that there is a slight chance we may owe the ATO money.  Then we realise that we haven’t kept any of the receipts we should have and that yes, we will be very lucky to be able to buy a coffee  with the return.

So, what can you do?    

Have a look at the videos on the link below, they provide some advice to help you understand the basic rules before making a claim for certain work-related expenses .  The one of particular interest to a fair chunk of labour hire (i.e. Concept) employees is the video (51 seconds) on if you are an employee who needs to transport bulky tools and equipment between your home and work.

For further information, check the ATO website.