Welcome to 2014

Happy New Year – 2014 Outlook

From all of us at Concept across Australia, we wish you a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.   We hope you have enjoyed whatever time you have had off over the Christmas break and that it was a safe and relaxing period spent with family and other loved ones.

We welcome you back for 2014 and expect that one of your new year resolutions is to use more labour hire and more importantly to use more Concept Engineering Labour Hire.

Despite the recent issues in manufacturing, the most obvious being Holden in Victoria and South Australia, a recent outlook survey stated that “Australian employers report encouraging signs for job seekers in Quarter 1 2014. With 20% of employers expecting to increase staffing levels, 13% anticipating a decrease and 66% forecasting no changes, the resulting Net Employment Outlook stands at +7%.”

This is true of not just Australia but the same survey also stated the following about the world wide outlook.  “Despite continuing economic challenges and widespread uncertainty in the global labour market, the first-quarter research reveals that the majority of hiring managers will continue to add to their workforces by varying degrees during the first quarter of 2014.”

All of this points to a requirement for quality people to be recruited.  So, if you think 2014 may hold a new direction for you, it might be time to dust off and update the resume.

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