Answer Phones

Voice mail – Crucial tool when looking for work

Ring ring, ring ring ‘Hello ….. Hello….. Hello…..” then it beeps to leave a message.  Sure this was funny when I was 14 and it was my boyfriend at the times answerphone message but these days with everyone having an answerphone including my 87 year old Grandfather, it’s no longer funny just frustrating.  I currently have an employee who when you ring them you get the following – a song over the ring tone (the songs not that bad, but I prefer that good old fashioned ring ring sound), then you get to the answer message which is this robotic thing going on about some crap for about 20 seconds then you hear them say their full name and then  back to the robotic type voice (different one now) for about another 20 seconds before the beep comes and that’s only if you don’t miss it with all the other noise.  By the time I get to the point of being able to leave a message all I want to do is scream ‘Change your answerphone message’!!!  Needless to say I now just text them and then they call me back it’s a lot less painful.  

When applying for jobs it is important to have an active voicemail and ideally not one of those 10 second message jobs that get converted to a text.  I hate to think what a person would receive in a text if I left a message with my Kiwi accent and the sixes in our phone number.  Once you have an active voicemail, you then need to set up a message that the caller can hear.  Ideally your answerphone message should go something like this:

‘Hi, you have reached (say your name).  I am unavailable to take your call, so please leave a message after the beep and I will call you back”
Occasionally some answerphones messages will only allow you to say your name, make sure to use your full name and say it clearly so the caller knows that they have the right person, always make sure that you are the person who is leaving the message, as it is really confusing when you get your partner or kids to leave the message for you.  

Things you should not have as your answerphone messages when looking for employment:

  • “Hello…..” then it beeps
  • “I don’t check my voicemails, so don’t leave a message as I won’t listen to it” – Unprofessional and you wonder why you set the voicemail up in the first place
  • Robotic voices
  • Weird messages i.e. “This phone will self-destruct if you do not leave a message after the beep”
  • Silence or rustling – Appears that you do not know how to use the answerphone feature
  • Anything that confuses the caller and they are not sure when they can start to leave the message
  • Anything rude or offensive

Remember, if you do not answer your phone your answer phone is the first impression a potential employer gets of you.  Therefore make sure it is a good impression as with so many people in the market for jobs these days, it’s the little things that can put people off hiring you or even trying to call you again.  

Think Concept Engineering when looking for Trades and Non-Trades positions.