Your Next Job Opportunity

Is it time to look for your next job opportunity?

We all find that we get stale in the jobs we have been doing for a while, but when do you know if you are just have a bad week or if it is time to log on and search for that new job opportunity?  

At Concept Engineering we have various jobs and various clients, so if you are fed up in your current role, we can easily find you another role that you can excel at.  After all isn’t the key to a happy well balanced life job satisfaction?

So is it time to move on to your next job?  Here are twelve ways to tell it’s time to move on:

1.    You are Unhappy

Being unhappy in your job is a sign that maybe a change is in order.  First question to ask yourself is how long you have felt like this for?  Does the bouts of sadness at work or a general sense of malaise lift the second you walk out of the door, if the answer is yes then this is a strong indicator that your job is making you miserable. Think back over the last few months, did you feel the same then? Chances are no, or you probably would have made the move months ago.  Don’t act drastically and resign immediately, but it sounds like it might be time to look for another opportunity – remember Concept Engineering can help here.  

2.    You’re Constantly Getting Overlooked for Projects.

Ask yourself why?  Is it due to your performance? Your relationships with your colleagues?
If you are not giving the chance to prove your abilities, you can quickly become frustrated. If you are looking for the opportunity to take more ownership of your work, it might be time to look for another opportunity – remember Concept Engineering can help here.  

3.    Poor Relationship with your Supervisor or Manager

Arguing with your Supervisor or Manager is never good.  The questions is, can you move past it?  If your relationship with your manager has broken down, it can create a very stressful situation. The resulting lack of mutual respect can cause more issues than it’s worth, even if on paper you enjoy what your role entails on a day-to-day basis. You owe it to yourself to surround yourself with a supportive Supervisor or Manager who you can discuss ideas with, if this is not the case it might be time to look for another opportunity – remember Concept Engineering can help here.  

4.    Not Getting Along with your Colleagues

If when your colleagues walk in you want to run away and hide or shut the door, then it might be time to move on.  If the sound of their voices or site of their faces sends you to the pit of despair then you need to get out of their quick smart.  If you’re not performing as a team as a result of tension, it’s time to find a new team to join, whether in that organisation or another one, Concept Engineering can help.

5.    Your Performance has Dropped

Not excelling at your job? It might to be time to evaluate your choices. Lack of motivation can be contributing to underperformance, or it may have come as a result of cultural changes at the company resulting in increased expectations that are not aligned with your skill set. Maybe you’ll find a job that better fits your specific skills, interests and expertise and where you can kick some butt is just around the corner.

6.    You Feel Overworked, and Under Appreciated

We all know that feeling, why do you feel this way?  Is it because you are working harder than everyone else or does all the tasks no one else wants to do get dumped on your desk.  Are consistently being expected to work longer than is reasonable with little appreciation?  If this is the case it might be time to look for another opportunity – remember Concept Engineering can help here.  

7.    You don’t feel there is much Scope to Progress at the Company

If you don’t feel that there are still opportunities for you at your current role then it may something to bring up with your Supervisor or Manager. You could look into further education or training to create more opportunities for yourself. If management are not as supportive as you’d like, it might be time to go.

8.    You Become Less Considerate of the Thoughts of your Coworkers

Do you actually listen to what your co-workers say, or are you reciting in your head what you are going to say next? It is important to be considerate of your co-workers’ opinions; if you are starting to concern yourself only with how you are going to sound this could mean that you are mentally checking out of your team. It is important to maintain good work relationships but if you are finding yourself pulling away it might be time to find a new opportunity and keep the professional relationships.

9.    You feel less Challenged in your Role and Daydream Constantly

Your job should challenge you, and it’s important to be constantly learning and growing. If you are finding yourself bored it might be worth speaking to your Supervisor and asking for different responsibilities. If they are not available, it’s probably worth considering other opportunities.

10.    You’ve lost your Work Motivation

If you need 4 coffees a day to stay pepped then you may be lacking motivation.  If you have a better relationship with people in other offices or with the shop owner then you are probably not motivated enough to do your work.  There are several reasons why you could have lost your motivation, and it may return but when you’re no longer excited about producing quality work and it’s been going on for a while, not just a day, then it might be time to look for another opportunity – remember Concept Engineering can help here.  

11.    You dread going to work

We know that no one wants to work, but we all have too so we can pay the bills, but do you hate the deafening sound of your alarm clock that sends you into a pit of despair.  Did 6 months ago you spring out of bed ready to go to work and now your alarm clock is your worst enemy. If every day you think “I need to resign” or “I need to find another job” then it might be time to look for another opportunity – remember Concept Engineering can help here.  

12.    You clock watch

Do you watch the clock all day, waiting for lunch time and then home time?  Do you only work the minimum hours required and make sure you take your full lunch break?  This is a sign that you are bored or unhappy in your work environment and a change is required.

If you feel at least 8 of these points, it is time to start looking for new opportunities.  If all 12 points sum up how you feel, it’s time to get out ASAP.  Remember Concept Engineering is a recruitment agency with various opportunities across many areas and classifications, so we can help you in your career move.