Are you ready to start work?

Welcome to Richards Rules, I am Richard and every few weeks i will be endeavouring to provide you, the reader, with some insight into how to maximise your job opportunities.  I will be covering all areas from interviewing to mobile phone use, so keep an eye out for the new editions of Richards Rules.

Are you ready to start work?
Like the build up to any big game in sport, it is all about attitude and a willingness to achieve. The first big question, am I ready to start work? If your answer is yes, take a breath and yell at the top of your voice,” I am ready for work!!!!!”, if you have done this, you are a little mad and definitely committed to wanting to work.

The next question, “What do I want to do?”

Now that we have established a genuine commitment to start work we need to organise ourselves and some key information with the view of registering with an agency, you will need the following:-

  1. Tax File No
  2. A superannuation fund name and your membership number
  3. Banking Details including,  BSB and Account Number
  4. Proof of entitlement to work in Australia i.e. birth certificate, citizenship papers or current passport
  5. Original qualifications, licences and/or tickets
  6. Two referee names who can be contacted, preferably your last two employers, and
  7. Current resume

Your resume should be clear and concise with dates, care should be taken to ensure that it is not the equivalent in size to that of the novel, “Tale of Two Cities” and be a test of perseverance for any person charged with reading it. Do take the time to prepare your resume; it is your passport for any job consideration.  But I will delve into resumes another time.

You are now ready to commence looking for your job and this could very well be via a labour hire or recruitment agency such as Concept Engineering. So please check out the vacancies on the site regularly to see if there are any that suit your ‘special skills’.

Join me next time when I will deal with your registration and interview with an agency.  I look forward to writing that article, so stay tuned.