Bullying Jurisdiction

New FWC Bullying Jurisdiction Process

New laws come in to operation from the 1 January 2014, here are some things that will occur under the new process.

  • There will be a centralised case management process which will involve information gathering response from the employer/individual. Conferencing or hearing appeal with leave to take it to the full bench.
  • Companies need to develop new bullying/EEO policies for complaint handling and investigation process and procedures.
  • It is also imperative that ALL Managers and Supervisors are trained in the policy and educated in the requirements.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour must follow a process of reporting and investigating and only those involved in the process/investigation are to be advised as privacy is paramount.
  • Cases that have gone to the Fair Work Commission must have a formal response made with the first point being mediation to try and remedy the situation before it goes to the full bench as a listed hearing.

We will look further at this in 2014.  Stay tuned.

A link to the FWA website can be found here