Fit for Work?

Have you ever heard the term “Fit for Work” What does that mean to you?

That you are strong, fit, healthy and doing your job whether it be in an office, factory or on a construction site!

Or can it mean something else?

Fit for work starts from the moment you get up!

You need to prepare your-self every day  you must be ready to face the challenges of the day whether it be deciding what to have for breakfast, what shirt to wear, and what you are having for lunch! Once past those questions you worry about being late because you have to drop the kids to school and the traffic is killing you and your patience.

You have a bill to pay and left it on the kitchen table; you know your partner will say something tonight when you get home! And you have just realised that you have to get fuel, another delay.
This is just everyday life and usually it all works out in the end but you have now reached the “Work Site” and you are moody, or even angry at what has transpired over the last few hours, kids ,lunches, bills, traffic, whatever!

You park your car, or get off a bus and you walk onto the work site, your mind is racing with all the things that you did or did not do and you are trying to process all the outcomes, at this point even though you may be strong, fit and well trained in what you do, your mind and maybe your heart is not in working today. “Are you fit for work ?”

In many places around Australia people have to work with machines and if you are not switched on and aware of your surroundings you are not fit for work.

If you are able to adapt a positive attitude when arriving to work, acknowledging fellow works and supervisors, with a bright good morning, and set your- self up for a safe days work you would have achieved the Fit for work attitude.

We know that not everything in life goes to plan but while at work you should strive to achieve  your goals and in doing so accept the responsibilities that go with the privilege of working.
Be safe, work safe  and be “Fit for Work”