Employment Conditions & Employee Incentives

Current Employment Conditions in Australia and Employee Incentives

Recent surveys have indicated that employees are having greater ‘skill” demands placed on them by their employer and they are expecting these demands to increase over the ensuing years. There is some disagreement between workers as to how these ever increasing demands will be met and one of the greatest concerns is how they will meet the demand to increase/improve their respective skills.

Concept Engineering holds the view that a collaborative approach between the employer and employee is the most effective way to achieve the desired result. There can be no dispute that a committed and trained workforce is the key to a successful organisation.
Utilising the services of a Recruitment and Labour Hire company such as Concept Engineering, can assist with gaps that have been identified as lacking in the current workforce to ensure services and or manufacturing can still be performed at the highest level whilst employees are given time to develop these relevant skills as it is critical that the appropriate skills of Australian employees are developed to allow the nation to become a world leader and not fall behind other developing countries.

Successful companies are those that recognise the value of a highly skilled and committed workforce in today’s demanding workplace; multi-skilling and versatility are key factors for employees to enable them to progress in the workplace and improves efficiencies within the business.

An open and honest two way conversation between the employer and employee to determine the most appropriate training is essential to obtain the best outcome for both parties. Regrettably, it would appear that Australian workers adopt a more laid back attitude and job satisfaction levels in Australia are somewhat lower than in other countries around the world with only around 25% stating they are satisfied in their current position.

There are numerous ways to motivate employees that are tried and tested; the following is a guide to designing an incentive program to assist with achieving the desired results;

  • Keep It Simple – avoid complicated schemes and long lists, select one goal, over time you can update the goals or change them.
  • Use Reward Points – instead of rewarding with specific gifts, award points that your employee can redeem for their choice.
  • Design A Program – allow everyone a chance to win, avoid giving awards to only top performers.  Design a program that everyone can win if everyone performs.
  • Focus On The Positive – make the program fun by emphasing the positive, cheering people