The Importance of Timesheets

Concept Engineering as a Labour Hire company use timesheets to ensure their contractors are paid each week, actually it also uses timesheets to make sure it’s office employees are paid too. 

Timesheets have been around for decades and over the years have changed and developed but the principle is still the same – no completed timesheet, no pay.  Every company uses them in one form or another from standard written sheets to biometric hand scanners and clock cards, the principle is the same, record your hours so that your pay is correct.

Timesheet accuracy is even more crucial when working for a Labour Hire company.  It is important for the contractors to know the correct way to complete their timesheets.  This sounds obvious, as timesheets themselves, are relatively simple to complete, but it is surprising how many timesheets are sent through wrong!  From no name on them, incomplete hours, no supervisors signature, the list goes on. Not to mention getting them in on time to ensure there are no delays to payroll.  The recording of the work completed impacts every workers livelihood but when it comes to timesheets being correct and in on time, it appears an afterthought and a minor detail to the job actually being completed.  

To help improve our recruitment services and efficiency we need to manage our timesheets.  The last few years has seen a change with regards to collecting the timesheets each pay period.  With the majority of people maintaining a smart phone with camera and internet capabilities, timesheets are able to be sent through via mms, sms and email.  Other systems such as electronic, automated clock cards, and biometric scanners, also allow for data to be obtained instantly.

Concept still use paper timesheets on the majority of their sites, but maybe it is time to start looking at electronic timesheets.  Would this help, or would the errors and missing timesheets simply increase?  As they say ‘to err is human’.  Maybe we just need to accept that we will never be able to everyone to complete their timesheets with 100% accuracy, but wouldn’t it be nice to think it was possible.