Gaining Some Perspective

Gaining Some Perspective

“A member of one of the last nomadic Amazon tribes in Brazil, Karapiru was shot in a massacre of his brothers, sisters, children and wife.  Bullet in his back, he escaped deep into the forest, with only his sadness.  For ten years he ran alone, sleeping in treetops. Eating small birds and honey.  Finally reunited with his Awa tribe, he discovered that, incredibly, his son had survived the massacre.  His people still live under the threat of extinction due to violent attacks and the theft of their land by loggers and ranchers.  Reconsider your problems compared to the plight of the Awa.” – Article from the Time Magazine in 2014

The above article snippet makes you think doesn’t it?  As bad as things seem, there is always someone else worse off.  Humans are terrible to each other, the things they do are not about survival but about greed and selfishness.  We never think about how our actions affect others and the hurt they can cause.  The story is about survival, about never giving up no matter how tough things get, as they will always get better.  Sure it may not be tomorrow or next week, but imagine if this man had given up.  He never would have been reunited with his son and wasn’t that worth the wait?  Realistically he never should have had to be in that position, but it was the life he was given and he choose to survive.  Choose to survive, chose to get out of bed and do everything you can that day to make your life better, choose to fight.  They never said it would be easy, but they said it would be worth it.  Trust me it is worth it, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, especially when comparing your life or problems to those like that of this man in the Awa tribe in Brazil.  We have it easy, just compared our lives to those people in poverty and war torn countries.  

“Stop complaining and put your problems in perspective” – Unknown


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