Labour Hire Benefits

 Temporary/labour hire workers play an important role in all industries, from white collar, to logistics to construction.  Often misunderstood, it can be just what your company needs to get you through a peak period.  Below we look at a few of the benefits that Labour Hire of temporary workers can add to your business.  

Flexibility for the Peak

All business has peak times, and conversely there are slow times.  Recruitment time to permanently fill those roles is time consuming and a financial burden.  An option that is worth considering, if you haven’t already, is to look to engage your own ‘skeleton’ permanent staff and then hire the remaining top up numbers as you need them.  Utilising a Labour hire company, like Concept Engineering (or others from the Ashley Services Group) allow a company to concentrate on the core areas of their business that make them successful.  Supplementary labour enables your business to adjust easily and quickly to workload fluctuations. Bring in and remove temporary staff to cover employee variances to the staff levels such as absences and unexpected demands. 

“Try before you buy”

The old slogan was ‘try before you buy’, so without making Labour Hire sound like legal organised slavery, this is possible in the current Labour hire industry.  We all know that it is hard to tell by a resume, first interview or even the first week of work, how good a worker really is.  The cost of hiring the wrong employee often ends up in three times the actual salary being offered.  The great thing about hiring temporary staff is that you can engage for a short time and later down the track offer them a full-time position when you are certain that they suit your business.  Hiring temporary labour is an excellent and cost-efficient way to recruit and test the abilities of new workers before signing them on full-time.  

$ saver

Payrolling a workforce is often time consuming and full of oncosts that suck admin time.  When you use a company like Concept Engineering, the employee is the responsibility of us and not you.  Therefore you save money and time because you don’t have the burden of recruiting and screening future employees as well as the reductions to payroll times calculating values for payroll tax, superannuation, workcover.  This is all taken out of your hands.  

Offers specialised skills

Sometimes you have a special project that you don’t want to hire a full time employee to complete.  The time taken to recruit may even blow out to longer than the project itself.  Labour hire employees will often have specialised skills that you are able to tap into quickly for a set period.  No time lost recruiting, training and familiarising the new member. 

Training Needs

Every time a temp worker starts a new work assignment – no matter how skilled or unskilled – some type of training needs to be undertaken before they can commence their work. Generally this will be a worksite introduction, however for more technical worksites and projects it could be much more. However if you have a full-time safety officer on-board, you could leave this in their hands, and chances are it will still cost you considerably less than if you were to hire full time staff. Overall being prepared and organised is the key to tackling this minor issue. 

The question of reliability

Labour Hire workers can often be very transient, moving from one project to another.  The question then arises do we sacrifice reliability for the flexibility.  However more often than not, temporary labour is more productive.  You remove the elements such as being too familiar with the workplace and familiarity with schedules which are often the root cause when it comes to laziness.  Also as labour hire employees generally indicate when they are available to work, they are prepared to put in during this time to get the job done.   Concept can offer all of these benefits and more to your business, all it takes is a phone call to us to find out.