Industrial Relations

AIG- Industrial Relations Support

To be successful in any business, you must align yourself with the right people and organisations that will help you to achieve your goals.  In recruitment, one of these keys alliances is required to be with a body that knows, operates in and leads the industrial relations sector.   Concept has such an alliance in the form of Australian Industry Group (AIG).

Knowledge is power.  Over time you develop knowledge, whether you mean to or not.  In your workplace you are constantly being exposed to new information, some of it critical, some of it just nice to note, to store away for later.  But sometimes, you don’t possess all the right information and need some direction or advice.   A very insightful saying is “don’t take advice from experts, take advice from someone who is successful.’  In this case, Concept has available a resource which boasts being both successful and made up of experts.

AIG provides support to over 60’000 enterprises across Australia and cover sectors such as “expanding range of sectors including: manufacturing; engineering; construction; automotive; food; transport; information technology; telecommunications; call centres; labour hire; printing; defence; mining equipment and supplies.” 1  To these enterprises, AIG offers “practical information, advice and assistance to help members run their businesses more effectively. AIG ensures, through policy leadership, that members have a voice at all levels of government, by representing and promoting their interests on current and emerging issues.” 1

In labour hire and recruitment the industrial advice and membership information packs that AIG provide are an integral part of operations.  They provide up to date information on changes to Modern Awards, apprenticeship schemes, minimum wages and workplace health and safety (to name just a few areas) which are all crucial to companies such as Concept Engineering to ensure that the correct wages and conditions are applied to our employees.  

Effective Industrial Relations in any business can save thousands, having that guaranteed support, means those worries of picket lines and lost time are a distant memory.  Concept has a great many number of internal staff who have years of industrial relations experience, but the added benefit of having a company on board to provide (should the unlikely event arise) this support, direction and advice is another one of the major attractions of Concept Engineering.  Clients can be assured that any industrial queries, issues or disputes are avoided through the proactive nature of Concept and if needed through consultation with AIG.

Just another reason to give Concept a call.