JXT- Online Revolution for Recruitment

As you may have noticed, the Concept website underwent a major overhaul over the last few months.  The functional and attractive result which you are currently viewing was bought to life through the works of JXT.

As background, “back in 2006 there was a gap in the market. A gap that showed Australia was missing out. Where no really cool, savvy digital recruitment solutions existed.  Solutions that recognised the changes in the media landscape: from monologue to dialogue.” 

Founded as a result of job board, JobX merging with another industry job board, JobsJobsJobs.com.au.  The resulting  JXT, simplified marketing opportunities for employers and recruiters in the digital world and set about creating a stronger brand awareness and reputation; a better ROI on the investment in candidate engagement and to build clever strategies for recruiters & hiring brands to help them reach talent in high-traffic, online environments.

JXT have developed a niche product specific to the labour hire and recruitment industries which is both fresh and beneficial.  

Concept has been dealing with JXT for at least 5 years and have found them to be a tight knit team with enthusiastic, positive and talented people which ensures that there is no project too big or too small for them to tackle.   We have always been greeted by knowledgeable staff who took pride in their work and were ready and willing to assist with any question or comment on any suggestion we had.   They provided a clear structure and easy to navigate portals for the provision of information during the build phase.  They have always succeeded in working with us to complete any project and we genuinely believe we have a more savvy, attractive and functional online presence because of them. 

Wil, Jamie, Bee, Lindsay (have provided and continue to provide) at various times a superior service which we value implicitly and would not hesitate to recommend them (except maybe to our direct competitors, we don’t want them garnering the benefits.)

For more information on JXT and to investigate if they could assist you, head to www.JXT.com.au and tell them Concept sent you.