Managing an Interview Result

Richards Rules – Managing an Interview Result

Welcome again to Richard Rules as we continue our journey from being unemployed to hopefully gaining the job we want. This article will focus on managing and acting on the result of your application and later interview.


If you are unsuccessful, do not be disheartened.  Firstly it is another opportunity to get more feedback and the chance to further improve your approach.

It is another “moment of truth” to discuss and to get areas for improvement.  Make sure you ask where you did well and where you went wrong.  Be positive and maintain a constructive dialogue.  This is especially crucial when dealing with recruitment companies/agencies, as they often have similar positions available, and although this one didn’t suit, the next one might.

Advise the agency that you would like to be kept available for other suitable positions in their data base at the conclusion.


Congratulations, if you have been advised that you were successful.

If the position is a casual labour position, verify the pay rate, your starting time and the location of your job site.  Most high-quality agencies will meet on you on site to complete an induction and introduce you to the host reporting supervisor.  Make sure you have the name and contact number of the agency person you are meeting on site.  Remember don’t be late and make sure you have all the required personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing.  Depending on the job role, you may also need to have your valid operating qualification with you, for example, if driving a fork lift you must carry your licence.

If the position is permanent, verify details of the salary package and establish if any other information or prestart requirement needs to be finalised.

Take the opportunity to confirm start date and times, ask for the position description if you have not received during the selection process and then if time permits learn more about the organisation that you will be working for, the internet is a good source of information.

The next step is making the right impression on your first day, sounds like good topic for my next article.