New Website for Concept

Welcome to the new Concept Website

As you may have already noticed, Concept has a new website.  Welcome.

“Then you better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone, for the time they are a-changin.”
Bob Dylan

Never have a truer word been spoken when it comes to an online presence in today’s commercial world.  The lack of a website that is informative, attractive and easy to navigate around will likely result in your business ‘sinking like a stone.’

After a number of years with a functional but not necessarily inspiring website Concept has looked at what our website really said about us, what it needed to include and what was just wasted space.  What has been developed now, we believe to be a refined, eye catching and relevant website that provides users with what they need to know.  

With the average time spent on any one website page listed at ‘less than a minute’ and the reality that users only have time to read a quarter of the text on the pages they actually visit, we realised that the information needed to be relevant and targeted.  Concentrating on key areas like safety, current available positions and the key aspects of our services, we believe allowed us to develop content that was significant to how we want to operate and what we want the world to know about us.

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last 5 years, Concept would also like to draw your attention to the key medium of social media.  Concept have taken a ‘dip the toe in’ type approach for the last 18 months with Twitter and Facebook and more recently with LinkedIn,  and although we could see the benefit we weren’t 100% sure how to use it effectively and how to promote the various pages.  However, with the new integration with the website along with the launching of a mobile version of the website we believe we are about to tap into a whole new avenue of relationship building with not just our employees but clients and interested parties alike.

We hope that this new development for Concept is informative and beneficial to you and we welcome you to follow us on the various social media platforms or contact us with any questions, queries or upcoming projects you have.

Thanks for your support of Concept and we look forward to meeting and speaking with you in the future.

Concept Engineering Australia