Rail Safety Worker Card

Rail Industry Workers

1748km long, 350km/h, $114b, 83.6m passengers a year (in 2065)

Is it possible?  Well, it sure seems like it is.  Obviously, like any transport project in Australia, there will be some hurdles (for this particular project it’s the 67km of track that will have to be tunnelled in and out of the Sydney CBD), but the potential is there for a three hours rail journey Melbourne to Sydney to happen by 2035.  

So, to build this network we would need workers.  Workers with the right qualifications and safety awareness, workers who know the dangers of the rail corridor.  The recently implemented Rail Industry Worker program does just that as it aims to establish a national approach to competency management for those working in rail.

By law, every contractor and staff member working on the rail network in any capacity must be able to provide proof of competency.  The aim of competency management is to minimise the risk of untrained personnel carrying out any work on the Australian rail network.  Management of an individual’s records and skills sets, training and competencies, along with the production, distribution and control of associated unique competency cards are channelled through the industry leading safety management software, Onsite Track Easy (Onsite), a division of Pegasus. 1  

Partnering in this roll out are major players in the rail industry such as ARTC (Australian Rail Track Corporation), ARA (Australian Railway Association), as well as major private companies Aurizon, Metro and John Holland as well as Australia Post who are used to process the applications/registrations.

As a proven and established supplier to the rail industry, Concept has ensured that it is registered with the system and has a number of required employees already holding the cards loaded up with the required competencies.

As far as the high speed rail goes, I for one am looking forward to taking the trip the first time.  I wonder if the foresight for this rail network includes a stop at the Tullamarine Airport?

For any workers out there looking to obtain their card, or companies looking for more information, please follow the link to www.railindustryworker.com.au

1 www.railindustryworker.com.au/about