Reducing the headcount

One-Third of Employers Plan to Reduce Headcount: AIG

An article published in Shortlist states more employers plan to reduce staff numbers in 2014 than increase them, according to the Australian Industry Group’s annual Business Prospects report.

The survey of 241 CEOs found some 32% will reduce their headcount this year, while 29% expect to increase it.

“Anticipations of stronger employment in the large services sector tilts the balance of expectations towards one of a small gain in overall employment,” said the report.

Interestingly, some 58% of CEOs said the Federal election had no effect on their business investments in 2013, in contrast to the widely-held view that the drawn-out election campaign had contributed to last year’s sluggish hiring activity.

“Among the [39% of] businesses whose investment plans were negatively affected by the 2013 Federal election, 74% reported that they had postponed the investments they had previously planned to make in 2013 to 2014 or later,” said the report.

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