Upskilling – Is It Necessary?

I have a Degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, do I think it has enhanced my career – NO!  Why you may ask, well in my opinion, a degree is no longer a novelty and in the end it is just a piece of paper showing that you have the ability to complete what you started.  Tell me, how many people do you know that actually work in the field they qualified in?  Sure Teachers, Lawyers, Medical Professionals and Trades professionals do, they have no other choice if this is what they want a career in.  However it is the person’s job experience that really counts, not their qualifications.  As a new graduate with no experience, I would miss out on jobs because someone else had experience but no qualification, even though the job advert specified you need a qualification.  

We are overloaded these days with opportunities to learn, but with a hefty fee usually attached.  How do you determine what is the best qualification to do and which will benefit you in the long term?  It comes down to what you want to do and I how that qualification will be perceived by a future employer.    

University Qualifications are usually held with high esteem but will also cost you.  Tafe Qualifications are great for trades and maybe just topping up other qualifications with a bit of local knowledge and at a more affordable cost.  Online Learning Centres offer you the flexibility to learn when it suits you, the cost will vary and how people will view the qualifications will differ.  

Up skilling is useful if you want to progress in your career or want to make a change in your career.  Just make sure that you select the right course and institution to ensure that you will be able to get where you are going.  If you are happy where you are and do not want to progress in your career or make changes to it, then there is no need to up skill.  

With regards to trades, manufacturing and logistics based roles, which Concept Engineering specialise in, we encourage potential candidates to upskill.  If you have the means and the time it is a great way to give you that something extra.  Short courses such as High Risk licenses (Forklift and Elevated Work Platform etc.), Working at Heights, Track Awareness, First Aid and the like all work towards making you that little bit more desirable than the next applicant.

Upskilling Example- High Risk License