Wants and Needs

Wants and Needs

It’s an economic term that has infiltrated every day society.  Wants and Needs.  We have all heard the term Wants and Needs, needing and wanting.  Our parents, school teachers, and even friends (don’t forget you and I) have used this for justifying something that they have thought of purchasing or thought of doing.  Wants, inexplicably, more often than not outweigh needs as human desire outweighs natural survival.  We want sugar, but we need air.  Which one would you rather go without?

Every situation, decision has that moment, (especially when you have a significant other or children) The questions is. . . . .  Do I need this or Do I want this?

Very few people have that single drive of wanting to work, we need to work. No explanation required to justify this, OK a couple of minor examples, to eat and to have somewhere to sleep.

By just being here reading, surfing the Concept website information you are demonstrating that you want to find suitable work, whether looking for a job or moving to a different job which can give you more opportunities to reach a goal.  But do you want a new job or do you need a new job?  This really directs your motivation and enthusiasm to really look.

At Concept we believe that everyone has, the right to combine these two words  (Needing & Wanting) to achieve the best for themselves and their families,

Give Concept the opportunity to find you suitable employment for you to reach your goal.