What Not to Do

How Not to Get the Job You Want

We constantly see articles outlining the best interview tips and what you should do to secure the job. Well this will tell you what not to do as this is probably more important as irritating the person interviewing you is the best way to receive that ‘unsuccessful letter’.

Things you should do when you don’t want the job – The Application Stage:

  1. Don’t attach a resume
  2. Don’t follow any of the instructions on the job ad
  3. Don’t read the job ad and apply for everything and anything
  4. Address it to the wrong person
  5. The second you push send ring up the person and ask them if they got your resume
  6. Ring up and say ‘I’d like to apply for the job I saw’ and when asked which one say ‘the one I saw online’ and continue to answer all questions as vaguely as possible
  7. Put the wrong contact details on your application
  8. Use the same resume and contact details but put different names on each version
  9. Don’t answer your phone or return voicemail messages
  10. Hounding the person about the job even though you don’t meet the requirements and they have told you your application was unsuccessful

Things you should do when you don’t want the job – Interview Stage:

  1. Turn up late and then don’t apologise, when asked why you were late make up a lame excuse like ‘my cat was sick’.
  2. Take as long as humanly possible to fill in one piece of paper and then not fill it in completely or correctly
  3. Interrupt the person constantly when they are talking
  4. When asked a question, don’t answer the actually question but some off hand version of it.   i.e. Question: What experience do you have as a Fitter?  Answer: I’ve worked in the warehouse driving a Forklift.
  5. When asked about what qualifications you have in a particular area, tell them all the unrelated qualifications instead.  i.e. Question: What Fitter qualifications do you hold? Answer: I have a First Aid Cert, Basic Computer Skills Cert and Forklift Licence
  6. Over sell yourself, appear to be a know it all that makes themselves sound too over qualified for the job.

So the above might seem a bit extreme and you’re possibly thinking, why would you do that. Oh but people do and I interviewed one person that did all of the above!

More things you should do if you don’t want the job – The Interview stage:

  1. Check and answer your phone while completing the forms and having the interview
  2. Bring your entire family in for the interview
  3. Tell the person interviewing you that the questions are stupid and you don’t see the point in completing/answering them.
  4. Cross your arms, lean back in the chair and answer with yip, nah and it’s in my resume.
  5. If it’s a female interviewer, ask to speak to a male as you want someone who knows what they are doing
  6. Keep name dropping i.e. Does John the General Manager still work here? I know John, John will tell you who I am? Can I speak to John as he knows me? Let John know that I’m here, he’ll tell you that I’m the best for job.
  7. Call the interviewer by the wrong name
  8. Don’t listen or follow instructions
  9. Don’t bring in anything the interviewer has asked you too
  10. Request a ridiculously high pay rate i.e. Labouring Job asking for $40+ per hour

Honestly I have experienced all of the above and more in the last year working at Concept and this is not a complete list. I can tell you right now, these people certainly went straight to the bottom of the pile. Regardless of the job you’re going for, always treat everyone you meet with respect, be realistic and make sure you are making a good impression or of course a bad one if you don’t want the job. Just remember just because you got the interview doesn’t mean you’ve got the job.