Recruitment agencies, how can we help?

Recruitment agencies, how can we help?

Have you just been made redundant?  Or just looking for something different?  Maybe entering the workforce for the first time!  Maybe you just want to see if there is any work in a particular field and you wonder, would be possible to find out more.

Well there are many ways to find out about any particular position.  As we all know the computer will give us all the information we ask for but it cannot give you a simple answer, like, “Yes, you would be very suited for that position” or “with a little bit of extra training you would succeed in that position”… or “I have a client that is looking for someone with you skills and interest.”

Recruitment agencies like Concept Engineering/Action Workforce can answer these questions and more likely will be able to help you find the answer.

We at Concept have many Host clients that require people from all walks of life, all levels of education and most levels of experience.

We take pride in finding the right person to do the right job and if this means you have the right attitude and with a little training we will both succeed.

Concept could find you a  casual / perm position, and we will make sure that you work safely and in a safe environment.

We all have to work to live and we at Concept are no different, we have to work to live also.