Completing Timesheets

Filling in a Concept Timesheet

One of the most crucial documents when working labour hire or casual work is the timesheet.  If you want to be paid correctly for the blood, sweat and tears you are pouring into the hours on site then you need to make sure you record what you’ve done.

We recommend filling it in daily, while the hours (and sites if you are moving around a bit) are fresh in your mind.  I have lost track of how many times we question a timesheet and we receive the response “oh, sorry, yeah I was on a RDO, I rushed filling that in this morning”.

The Concept timesheet is divided into sections which should walk you through it.  But below we will give you the run down.

  1. First make sure your name, the position you are working in and the client name is on top of the sheet in the right boxes.
  2. Fill in the dates on the left hand side for EVERY day that you worked.
  3. Fill in in your start time in the Start column
  4. Fill in your finish time in the Finish column
  5. Fill in in the normal (and OT hours if applicable)
  6. In the shift box put D for Day, A for Afternoon, N for Night, EM for Early Morning or SS for Split Shift
  7. Tick the Travel box if applicable
  8. In the Allowances/Comments box put any other information that is relevant such as site address (if they varied), meal or site allowances (and the $ value), KM’s travelled during work
  9. Total up the number of normal and OT hours
  10. Get it signed off by your supervisor.

I suggest at the completion of your last shift for the week to send it through then to Concept.  This reduces the risk of there being any delay in payment.  Concept collects timesheets in person (where it can) as well as via fax, SMS, email or in person.

If your timesheet is right, things will go smoothly, if its incorrect, we can only act on what has been signed and provided.  Be aware that rectifying incorrect hours, allowances and overtime can sometimes be difficult, so lets get it right the first time.

To download a timesheet, please click here and then click the ‘Timesheet’ button at the bottom of the page.

If you have any further questions, call your Concept office.